• 1994


    In 1994, Abdullah Karabulut started to work with 4 staff in 250m² area in Istanbul – Eyup – Topçular district and at the end of the same year he started producing Ekin190 Ton Plastic Injection Machine (without contactor, without computer) which is our first production.

  • 1995

    Research & Development

    When calendars show 1995; continued its production in Bayrampasa of 500 m² area with 15 people, this year integrated its PC based control system to its products, Ekin150Ton and Ekin 240 Ton R & D started to work and production was completed in the same year. In total these three series; Ekin Makinan has 20 years of experience in the history of our company as the most demanding products in the production life.

  • 2000


    In 2000, our company made a serious breakthrough and started to produce R & D and production of bakelite, double color horizontal, 350T (1000gr) injection machines.

  • 2007

    Modern Factory

    In 2007, the company has increased its machinery production capacity and precision, which began manufacturing with CNC machines. It has also become the last undisturbed property of domestic production. Ekin Machinery, whose R & D strength is getting stronger every day, has made a move to transform the manufacturing process, which is a workshop, into modern facilities with a decision to change the course of manufacturing life.

  • 2010

    R&D for Vertical Injection Machines

    In 2010, R & D and manufacturing of vertical injection machines, which are of great demand for the sector, started. This project was successfully supported by TÜBİTAK TEYDEB under the scope of SME’s R & D initial support program.

  • 2013

    Increased Product Variations

    When we arrived in 2013; the company is able to produce groups from 30 transponders to 300 tonnes horizontally from 300 tonnes and 300 tonnes to 300 tonnes from 30 transponders (Fixed Table, Rotary Table Dual Station, Sliding Table Dual Station and Front Sliding Table Single Station) groups and continue R & D work without interruption.

  • 2014

    Celebrating Our 20th Years

    We celebrate our 20th anniversary. We also finished the production of vertical injection machines without C type column shaft.

  • 2016

    Completed the R & D for new Injection Machines

    In 2016, we finished the construction of plastic injection machine with horizontal rotary table, double color and hydraulic lock.

  • 2017

    ORION: Brand New Hydraulic Locking System

    In 2017, we switched to the hydraulic locking system, which we named ORION. Thus, with our 30T and 400T machines we achieved a wider mold clamping surface, longer opening and less hydraulic oil consumption.

  • 2018

    We Started the Construction of Out New 18000 m2 Modern Factory

    Our R & D work has started for the production of two plate injection machines in 500T, 600T, 800T series. In addition, our 19000 m2 factory in Hadımkoy has been commissioned to meet customer demands and to continue producing more modern facilities.

  • 2020

    We Have Moved to Our New Factory

    We have moved to our new 19000 m2 new and modern factory.